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A Lay Apostles Prayer

Many are calling for the laity to be the chief investigators into the crisis in the Church.  Here is something to consider:

The Eternal Father sent the Angel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin Mary and she conceived by the Holy Spirit!  She became the first Christian and the Mother of Jesus who is God!  Technically, Mary is the  lead lay person.   Mary loves God the Father as a daughter, Mary loves God the Son as mother, and Mary loves God the Holy Spirit as bride.

Over the last 250 years Mary has been given the gift to appear to many of the laity, especially women, children and youth.  She has been trying to rally us, to wake us up to the dangers of SIN and the radical possibility of the loss of our eternal souls.

In the interest of the laity fulfilling their role in the the Church, I'd like to offer for your use, a prayer I composed about ten  years ago after studying the Catechism's teaching on the laity. I have named it “A Lay Apostles Prayer.”
I am using the word apostle here to emphasize the importance of the eyewitness encounter of the original Apostles. As lay men and women we have a duty and responsibility to seek out God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in our daily prayer just like Mary. We are meant to walk and talk with the Lord gaining his insights, receiving his promises and growing in a deeper love and affection for the heavenly Father.  I invite you to try this prayer out. Please let me know what your insights are after giving it a go. 🙂

A Lay Apostles Prayer:
Lord Jesus Christ, personally send your Holy Spirit to create in us(me) an eminent holiness, inexhaustible fruitfulness, perpetual unity,and invincible stability. Come Holy Spirit, may we(I) be a pure motive of credibility and your irrefutable witness. We(I) want to fully receive your grace. May all humanity be brought back to the one family table of Our Heavenly Father. Amen


Join the Novena to St. John Paul II for Evangelization! Begins October 13 - Here are the prayers:


Olympic Lady!

Seek not the sublime!
Trust in the Lord!
Take the lowest place!
Exult in the Lord!



To Poland I Go, Jesus, I Trust in You!

Hail to the bright star who is Mary!  She is the sign of the coming sunrise, a bright light coming from the east, a light of mercy and justice.

The great saints sought this light and found it!  They found it in through Mary and she established it in them!

I am leaving for World Youth Day in Poland and bring your intentions with me.  Please feel free to tweet your intentions @justinstroh and I will be looking for them while I am at the holy places!

You can follow our pilgrimage by searching #wyd16archspm

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Praised be Jesus Christ!