Systemic: Arguing from the part to the whole.

Yesterday, Joseph Biden asserted that America has a problem with systemic racism. Here is my take on it: https://www.facebook.com/696198367/videos/10160723512213368/


Introducing Catholicmanmastermind.com

 Dear Friends,

Thank you for registering for our newsletter. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as well as your desire to learn more about this initiative.

When I set out out to establish CATHOLICMANMASTERMIND.COM my hearts desire was to bring together men in order to strengthen and encourage them to bring about reform in the Catholic Church. Thorough this, struggling men would find brotherhood and families would be strengthened.

Everything was set to go and then 2020 took a different turn. 

The need for connecting online increased. In fact, much of the basic knowledge and structure Ed and Justin currently use to broadcast, organize and communicate for ROSARY LIVE was established well before 2020.

God in his providence prepared us to serve thousands of people in their homes through our little devotion to Mary.  He has taken our little mustard seed and done wonderful deeds with it!  

I am always struck when I read little testimonies int he ROSARY LIVE comments of how the prayers of our ROSARY LIVE FAMILY have built up and supported people in their deep struggles or basic needs.  Praised be Jesus Christ! 

Now that a year has gone by it is time to revisit the vision for CATHOLICMANMASTERMIND.COM. 

I will continue to partner with Ed's Vizenor @ "Be the Light Media" (Praytherosary.com) in order to bring many of you daily Catholic online devotional ministries.  As Ed likes to say "We build this house together!"

Here is a short list of some of our ministry:

  • Consecration to St. Joseph
  • The Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Catholic Personal Coaching with Justin
  • Catholic Text Alerts

What does the future hold?  I plan to build on these successes and pursue ministry that brings men together in Catholic Strength!   We will have St. Joseph as our patron and guide and we will confront the lies of modernity.  

As the new developments brew, I will keep you informed through this newsletter.  My hearts desire is to build partnerships that last into eternity!

Justin Stroh

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