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Our Tongues are Created for Purpose!

What do I use my tongue for?
Do offer my self as a living sacrifice?
Do I want efficiency for profit more than I want the one loves me most?


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Booking Speaking for Free!

One of my passions is to speak in front of live audiences!  I want to serve in your community this year by bringing the joy of the Gospel to your youth, adults, RCIA, young adults, parish staff etc....

All I ask is that you provide the transport and feed me.  If you like what happens when I serve you can make a donation to my family ministry!

I travel light and sleep in host homes! So that makes it affordable!

Check out the chat box below and let's talk about your next event today.

Peace be with you!


One of my core messages:


How Present is God? Very.

Here and Now
By Justin Stroh

Right here
here I am loved by God
here he speaks to me
here he moves me

I encounter infinity
beyond my capacity
or expanded capacity

in my humanity
with my frailty
not despite me
yet with me and in me

Aware of every journey
present in all battles

right here


John Lennon's False Vision of Peace

John Lennon's vision of peace began with a figurative rejection of reality:

Imagine there's no heaven

It isn't hard to do

No hell below us

no religion too


Why is this false?  More in this weeks podcast...

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Something Special for Pentecost!

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