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I love how the physical universe reflects the spiritual - check out the connections...

The connections:

Watch the video then read ...

"We are all connected" = One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism
"Nature's Imagination"= The eternal memory of God reflected in all he has made
"Laws of Nature" = God is sacrificial love which orders the spiritual universe yet gives humanity the freedom and authority to govern it.
"Think about all of this" = We have a desire to return to the mystery we were created from
"The way those atoms are put together" = Creation - God has an infinite will that is accomplished through billions and billions of free wills – I call that Almighty!
“Made of star stuff” = We are made in the image and likeness of God
“For the universe to know itself” = The intellect, memory and will of man desires a relationship with the infinite intellect, memory and will of God.
“We’ve traveled this way before” = Man is on a pilgrimage throughout life that effects the entire universe Physical and spiritual. God is on a pilgrimage toward man.
“Elevating and Exhilarating” = Ecstasy in prayer
“Light bouncing around the room”= Omnipresence of God - it appears to be a mess to us, but we call is Divine Providence
“It’s all really, really there” = We can all make an act of faith, hope and love. Even if I do not believe though, God is really, really there.
“Inconceivable nature of nature” = Who can know the mind of God?

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