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What Do We See In The White House Party Crashers?

Perhaps we all want access to the most exclusive party in the world.  The Crashers of the white house party  bragged that the president has made the White house more accessible before they pulled off their high tech media stunt and of this they took advantage!

Are we looking for access to something?  Do we see it as accessible? 

The White House is a powerful symbol of leadership, virtue and encounter.   I believe we’d all like to crash a party at a house that seems to hold these traits in their highest form. 

Perhaps we are all on a search for this encounter and in some way find that our interest in this story brings it up to the top of our attention.  Don’t let it slip by you.  Respond to it and find the significance of an identity wrapped up in God.

No, the White House is not God, but there is a God who desires us and if we let our desire meet his then we have begun an encounter that builds virtue and forms us into true leaders big and small! 
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