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Will dissent disrupt reception of the new translation of the Mass?

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Liturgical Landmark: The New English Missal Will dissent disrupt reception of the new translation?
by Helen Hull Hitchcock
Great expectations! The Catholic Church in English-speaking countries throughout the world is about to receive a great gift — a new translation of the Roman Missal using language that is accurate, reverent and beautiful. This gift — the culmination of many years of prayer and labor — means that our words of prayer will now conform more closely to the universal language of the Church. The new texts will express more clearly the truth we celebrate, and this will elevate our spirits and deepen our faith and understanding.

The recovery of sacredness in our language of prayer in worship holds great promise: it’s as if a tree we planted and cultivated with care for many years is now laden with fruit and about to bear its first abundant harvest. But just as we are about to gather this fruit for which we have hungered and hoped so long, we are being warned that it is unwholesome, tasteless, spoiled. The genuine reform and authentic revitalization of the sacred liturgy that the new Missal translation has so richly promised is now being undermined by voices of criticism and dissent.  (Click link above for more)
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