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‘Unwanted child’ strategy used to promote abortion in Colombia

.- The foundation Vida en Misericorida in Colombia has criticized feminist Florence Thomas for justifying abortion in order to prevent “unwanted children.” The organization explained that using the term is a strategy feminists use to promote the killing of the unborn and to reap economic benefits.
John Ferney Valencia of Vida en Misericordia criticized Thomas for saying that no “unwanted child” should be born because only the love of a mother “humanizes” the fetus.
Thomas added that if women are allowed to abort when “they don’t want their children,” a society with more “wanted children” would be achieved, because by “liberating them” from this supposed burden, women will have a better experience of motherhood.
Ferney Valencia noted that the strategy of radical feminists is to spread the idea that no child must be unwanted. However, he continued, this strategy has been employed to promote abortion as the “liberation” of women, as poverty and the guilt of being a burden have been blamed on the unborn.
The radical feminism embraced by Florence Thomas benefits from this, he said, and this strategy provides the “perfect cover for promoting abortion without revealing the birth control that lies behind it.”
“Sadly when Florence suggests that only ‘wanted children’ be born, she is promoting the death of the children of the poor and a culture that scorns life, as can be seen in France, where sterility is rampant and people prefer to spend millions on their pets rather than ‘ruining’ their lives with an uncomfortable child.
 For this reason, radical gender feminism will have to be accountable to society and ask for forgiveness,” he said.
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