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DVDs not an Attack! Archb. Nienstedt Responds Media!

DVDs not an attack

On another point, I thought it unfortunate that the media has characterized the DVD that was mailed to our Catholic people last week as “an attack on gay marriage.”
In truth, they could have said it was “an attack on divorce” or “an attack on cohabitation.” But the reality is that it was not an attack, but rather the positive promotion of marriage as God intends it to be.
Scripture testifies to the fact that God made man and woman, as complementary beings, in his image and likeness. And he commanded that they “be fruitful and multiply.” (Genesis 1:28). Marriage is the vehicle by which this God-given gift is accomplished.
The obvious connection between the conjugal act and the conception of new life, along with the universally recognized importance of stable marriages for the education and formation of children, removes marriage from the private sphere and places it into the public realm, an institution very much a part of the common good and, therefore, a concern of the state. This has been true across cultures.
To say that ma r riage is a kind of relationship that is “reproductive in type” is to define it as unique and, therefore, different from other relationships. To uphold this distinctiveness is not to discriminate against other types of relationships, but rather to acknowledge what God intended in the created order.
The Canadian bishops admit that they were caught off guard when the definition of marriage was changed by their government. The bishops of Minnesota do not want the same thing to happen here.  Now is the time to raise the issue.  Now is the time to preserve the meaning of marriage as God intended it “from the beginning.” (Matthew 19:8).
God bless you!
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