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Announcing: Justin's New Evangelization Podcast featured weekly on Deacon Tom Fox's Catholic Vitamins

Deacon Tom Fox was ordained a permanent deacon in June of 2004 by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver. After completing a parish assignment in Colorado, Tom and his wife Dee moved to Arizona. The couple has been married for more than 40 years, and in 2009, they started a podcast called Catholic Vitamins. Each week, they feature a guest interview on a topic related to a faith 'vitamin' for that show. Guests have included bishops, priests, nuns, members of the laity who are active in evangelization, authors and musicians. A recent show featured Justin Stroh, a Catholic speaker, entertainer and lay evangelist. Catholic Vitamins is available for download to an iPod or other MP3 type device or by directing your computer to and selecting the podcast tab. Deacon Tom is active on other websites including a long association with Lisa Hendey of Catholic Moments, also The Catholic Family Podcast and the Catholic Mom site.
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