It is by the finger of God that [Jesus] cast out demons.

What do the Apostles have to do with spreading the Faith?
How does the community prepare to Evangelize?
What blankets do you put over the lamp?
Do you proclaim Jesus Christ?
If not why?
A practical example of what you can do in your parish...


Follow these Evangelists: +Ed Vizenor +Joe McClane +Deacon Tom Fox +Craig Berry +Mary Stroh +Arlene Gee +Fred Kaffenberger +Patty Garza +Sean McGaughey +sister mary helen, ck +Charles Pope +Brian Gill +Joe McClane +Jason Pascucci  +Brendan Walsh +Marianna Bartholomew +Fergal O'Neill +Daniel Smrokowski +Jenay Barry +Lisa Hendey +Kelly Wahlquist +Gretchen Sonnen +Fr. Christian Mathis +Fr Samuel Medley SOLT +Greg Willits +Phatmass +Molly Schorr +Scott Richert

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