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"Present Now" - Music Video Release

Here it is, the much prayed for song consoling mothers who are suffering in anyway!   “Present Now” is the fruit of my desire for full encounter with God and his desire for intimate communion with me.  

In my suffering I can unite with the Divine, because Our Lord has taken on a human nature! 

Every moment is filled – chuck full -of amazing moments of love, mercy and God!  No matter how dark the night may be, his vast Sacred, infinite and humble Heart pierces my soul and turns me toward Our Father.  I can truly say this, he looks at me and says, “Our Father.”

To be sure I get all this, the LORD chooses to console me through his Immaculate gift, Mary!   Her Motherhood is his consolation and a reflection of his changelessness. 

For more about the timelessness of God, see my You Tube music video “Outside of Time”

"Present Now" by Justin Stroh from Justin Stroh on Vimeo.

To purchase your mp3 copy of the song please PayPal $1.50 to or I can accept credit cards - simply email with a request and we will call you for your secure purchase.   

A CD including other original music is $10.00  :-)

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