New Song and Music Video to be released Wednesday! "Lend Us Your Heart" by Justin Stroh

The new music video marks the feast of the Miraculous Medal and points to the victory of Our Lady over evil. The song is a consolation to the Church which has suffered due to modern trials. Be sure to tune in here. As I have done before the video will be followed by a version with commentary explaining images. As you can see from the image above a significant astronomical event is coming this December 12 on the feast of the snake crusher " Our Lady of Guadeloupe." Note the projected location of the tail of Comet "ISON" - passing over the constellation "Serpens Caput" (The Head of the Serpent) then passing over the "Corona Borealis" (Crown of Stars). The Song is my meditation of this event. Yes, I do believe it is a signal of the coming reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This reign is only possible if she lends us her heart! Tune in Soon! Justin
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