Hail Bright Star!

Are you renewing your total consecration to Jesus through Mary or making it for the first time??  If yes, then you are joining hundreds if not thousands of others!  

The main song of the consecrated is the "Ave Maria Stella"

As a way of encouraging all of my brothers and sisters through Mary and to lead all souls to Jesus, I am releasing this FREE recording  of a song I wrote about 25 years ago when I first made my consecration to Jesus through Mary. The words are the English translation of the "Ave Maria Stella"

The music represents a rising multitude who have united themselves in the mission of Mary,  the New Eve and the  Mother of God. 

This army raises  one voice HAIL!  HAIL! HAIL!  

We are greeting the gate of heaven!  And as the "Gate of Heaven"approaches it prepares the world for the final coming of the most just King of Mercy !

Join the throng! "Hail bright star!"

Ready Set Consecrate!  

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